In 1995, Tianjin Sinobioway was undertook the construction of National genetic engineering pharmaceutical pilot plant test production base. After 3 years hard-working, Tianjin Sinobioway achieved the project successfully and passed the national inspection in 1999. This base adopted the advanced technique project evaluation and management system which has been keeping touch with home and abroad research institutions and universities. It afforded many national projects and scientific research project of Tianjin Committee of Science and Technology. In 1997, Tianjin Sinobioway succeeded to develop and launched the α-2b IFN Lyo. After that Tianjin Sinobioway mainly devoted itself to the research of IFN series of products, and produced the first IFN pre-filled syringe (PFS) which was the 2003 national torch project and key scientific & research project of Tianjin Committee of Science and Technology. The spray—Jaferon is the first spray IFN in the world which was researched together with Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research. It is the key project of Tianjin high and technique industrialization and Tianjin Committee of Science and Technology. Hualida has the proprietary intellectual property rights.
In 2003, Hualida Bio-park was built and further promoted the National genetic engineering pharmaceutical pilot plant test production base. Tianjin Sinobioway introduced plentiful state of art advanced facilities, including 9 fermentation tanks from B.BRAUN of Germany and Bioengineering of Switzerland which are 5L、42L、90L、450L and 1500L. The tanks could meet the requirement from test scale, pilot scale and industrialization production. The purification system for pilot scale includes AKTAexplorer 100 Chromatograph system of GE, multi-Chromatograph column with different specification, PALL、Millipore Proflux M12 ultrafiltration system etc. The HAVC system is from SINKO of Japan. Tianjin Sinobioway has fermentation, purification production lines, 2 freeze-dryer powder production lines, PFS filling line. And also has the capacity to produce 200 batches biomass, 50 batches API, 200 batches finished products, 200 batches PFS, 200 batches solution per year. The GMP standard workshop and facilities could meet the top level in the world.      
In the beginning of 2010, Tianjin Sinobioway cooperated with Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biotechnology & Medicine (TJAB) which was built by National Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of commerce, Ministry of Health, SFDA and TEDA of Tianjin. The achievement of the cooperation is afforded and finished the project of Eleventh Five-Year Plan and significant new medicine development which is the construction of integrity platform for national bio-medicine development. Meanwhile, Tianjin Sinobioway became the Biopharmaceutical GMP Pilot Plant Platform and afforded the development of upstream technique and downstream biotechnology development of Biopharmaceutical, and also the research on new finished products and its industrialization. 
Tianjin Sinobioway built an international standard management system and a high skill and experienced team under 20 years’ hard-working with the enterprise philosophy of "Human oriented, Teamwork, Practicality & innovation, and Excellence", and guided by the quality policy of "Providing users with medicines of the highest quality in the world". 10% of the staff has the master degree and 50% of the staff has the bachelor degree. The team of Tianjin Sinobioway including marketing support, R&D, registration, production, quality, management, financial, HR, marketing etc. There is 30% of the master degree staff engaged in the core work which is marketing support, R&D, registration, production and quality which is professional, young, high quality. They are the elites in the field of biopharmaceutical and Chemical anti-cancer medicine. Tianjin Sinobioway not only cultivate the internal staff, but also introduce the talents from external to involve in the R&D work. Tianjin Sinobioway has built the post-doctor station in 1999 after the approval from National ministry of personnel. And also cooperate with Peking University, Nankai University, Tianjin medical university, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Tianjin medical research institution. In the marketing aspect, Tianjin Sinobioway has a sales group with 170 sales reps, 21 local offices across of China except Tibet, Hongkong, Taiwan. Till 2010, the sales of Tianjin Sinobioway IFN keep in the top 3 of domestic marketing. 
Tianjin Sinobioway is not only focusing on the industrialized development of owned products, but also active in the external cooperation and services by taking advantage of National genetic engineering pharmaceutical pilot plant test production base and Biopharmaceutical GMP pilot plant platform.
The state of art facilities, extraordinary team provided the superior service which also gained the unanimous appraise from the customers. Hualida has passed the quality audit from Brazil, Pakistan, Lithuania, Egypt and Israel etc.
Looking forward to the business cooperation from the friends home and abroad. 
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